Billboard Sizes

The traditional styles that we all recognize are available in sizes ranging from 6×12 to 14×48.  UV protected inks are used on a tough blackout vinyl material.  Over 800 board faces are offered across the parishes of southeastern Louisiana.

Enhancement Options

Snipe – an option that can be added to change your original message.  This strategy is used to keep the message constantly changing.  Example:  Opening Soon and a snipe with Now Open can be placed on the tarp over the original message.

Rotating – is a process in which your tarp would be moved from location to location helping you saturate an area with your brand therefore increasing brand awareness.

Tri Vision Boards

The surface of a Tri-Vision Billboard is divided into vertical strips. Each strip has 3 sides which rotate in a timed schedule. Compared to a bulletin board, the changing of the message alone draws more eyes to your advertisement. You can purchase one of the sides, or create a three stage message by purchasing all three sides.

14 x 48 Tri Vision Board – located in Lafayette at corner of Bertrand and Congress.
12 x 36 Tri Vision Board – located in Houma at Bayou Gardens Blvd.
12 x 32 Tri Vision Board – located in Houma at Tunnel and Hollywood.
12 x 24 Tri Vision Board – located in Houma at Main and New Orleans Blvd.

Digital Boards

Digital Boards are a pioneering effort of setting up multiple advertisements onto one advertising system.  One benefit is the ability to change your message multiple times as it appears.  Each slot changes every 7 seconds. These boards also have the capability of being timed and can rotate a different message in the same slot.  For example, you could have a morning message, a lunch message and an afternoon message.

12 x 32 Vision Board – located in Houma at the corner of Tunnel and St. Charles.

12 x 24 Vision Board – located in Houma at the intersection of Tunnel and Grand Caillou.