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Misconceptions about billboards

Billboards seem too expensive compared to other marketing tactics.

We offer a range of options that can fit most marketing budgets! Are you a small business interested in trying outdoor advertising? We can help!

Does it really work? Aren’t billboards outdated?

Outdoor advertising not only works, but is still heavily used in national integrated campaigns. In fact, according to Arbitron In-car Study 2009, “viewers learn a lot from billboard ads. Billboard viewers recall seeing a wide range of actionable information, including stores and restaurants they later visited, radio and TV programs they were interested in, events they wanted to attend or something funny they shared with friends later that day.”

You can’t really target people with outdoor.

With our extensive number of boards across South Louisiana, you can target users based on common routes, work schedules, shopping behaviors, seasonal holidays and more!

You can’t rent a billboard if you don’t have someone to design the artwork.

We make the process easy by including templates and design tips to guide you. Still need more help? Ask about our in-house design capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a billboard cost?

Budgets vary based on length of campaign, number of boards, board size, and board location. Need assistance planning the right campaign for your budget? Contact Us.

What is the standard size for a billboard?

Acceptable traditional sizes range from 6×12 to 14×48. For more information on the sizes of billboards, visit Billboard Types.

Do I have to use the same artwork for the whole contracted time?

Nope! With options like our Digital Billboard, you can rotate messages out frequently throughout the day.

Will drivers see my billboards at night?

Yes! We have both illuminated traditional boards and digital boards that help night travelers clearly see your message.

How do I send artwork?

Please email us at graphics@bayousigsoutdoor.com for the link to upload.

Can someone help me plan my campaign?

We’d be happy to help! Just send us a message or call us at 985-446-1183.